Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Creating Tissue in Space

Believe-it-or-not, there are advantages to BIOPRINTING in space due to the lack of gravity. Who would have thought organ donations could be upstaged by organ generation in manufacturing facilities in space! The future looks rad. To learn more, visit Heart Tissue 3D Printed at the Space Station.

Thursday, November 28, 2019


11/27/19 Thanksgiving Day. by DPearce © 2019.

 The Eye of the Storm.

 I woke up this morning (no kidding) with the words, "the eye of the storm" showing up in my brain. As I do have a WEATHER TOP WATCHER's MeWe Page, I am often researching global weather and natural disasters. So, I later, this morning, got online to see if there was any news re: the eye of the storm. It piqued my interest. 

 Believe it or not, WEATHER TOP WATCHERS and some other of my MeWe pages (which originated as G+ collections), also came to me in clarity of thought, imprinted strongly in my mind, when I had no such interest in them. Alot of my research has come this way, when I felt very compelled to create collections/pages that ended up being very interesting later, but not an interest at the time they were created. Well, boy, I am really glad I went with my intuitions, because I've learned so much by just following those inner messages.

Anyhow, the online search for "the eye of the storm" pulled up the following video. The entire search page was all about this music video!

 It was like, honestly, the only thing that would come up... but nothing about hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, nor tornadoes, nor about twisters, dirt devils, or the like! 

So, I checked out the video. Wow. What an unexpected message of hope about going through a storm in life. 

The storm always passes by, but did you know that inside the storm's eye, it is a very calm zone!?

*"The **eye** is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones. The **eye of a storm** is a roughly circular area, typically 30–65 kilometres (19–40 mi) in diameter. It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather and highest winds occur."* 
*Wikipedia › wiki › Eye_(cyclone)*

[**Eye (cyclone) - Wikipedia**][Eye _cyclone_ - Wikipedia] 

So, while the storm rages, such as problems we face; we must time out and find ways to calm ourselves. Some people find peace in their faith, like the musician on this video. But, we can find a number of ways to stay calm. As we are the pilots of our own bodies, fly high with endorphin-raising, feel good, buzz foods; or spend some quality time in nature drinking in more electrons that help restore our cells. Just looking at a nature photo can give us a sense of calm.

So, you find ways to activate your calm so you can get through the storms of life, that are inevitable.

It is called SELF-HELP. In that type of reading, we can get good tips on self-discipline, but also can get clues on what is happening in our minds and bodies. 

Learning to be calm in stressful situations takes practice. Sometimes, people just need to step into the doctor's office. If you have been stressed daily for months, stress hormones may be on overload. Your physician can help you with a fast calmer. But, if you are like alot of people, you may not want to be on a prescribed antidepressant or endorphin booster. There are online natural serotonin enhancers that some ppl find helpful. 

The important thing is to do something when you know you have lost your ability to stay calm. 

Sometimes, an environment change might be necessary or distancing from a toxic relationship. 

Find positive ways to restore you back to a happy place.

which is dedicated to providing natural, accessible ways to relax, change mood, pinpoint behaviors that may give clues, learn environmental & eatable causes that may be triggering mood changes. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hubble 2019 Results


by DPearce © Nov. 26, 2019.  


Hubble is still going strong 30 years on & expected to continue through 2030s.
HIGHLIGHTS (Nov 2019 Video)

Hubble Records:

  1. An asteroid (2876 Gault) in the asteroid belt appearing as a comet w/tail. Actually, the sun's radiation is thought to be the force pushing the asteroid to speed up in orbit, due to an effect in space that, theoretically, occurs in certain conditions involving irregular space objects.
  2. JUPITER's mass effected one asteroid & part of why the asteroid impacted the planet. View the video for more details.
  3. Read more about Jupiter's Mass at this great article. (Universe Today). excerpts: "It would take 318 times Earth’s mass to equal Jupiter’s. Jupiter is 2.5 times more massive than all of the other planets in our Solar System combined. Jupiter is actually so massive that if it gained much more mass it would shrink."
  4. Hubble revealed what looked like a comet but ended up being 2 colliding asteroids and as they broke apart from impact, a comet like tail of debris followed.
  5. NASA is using the reflected light off of our moon to view Venus better.

Shapes Study



  Listed Below:



 GO TO THE SEARCH WINDOW in the GAAP group and use keywords:  
#shapelesson1, GEOMETRIC & ORGANIC.  #shapelesson2, 3D FUNDAMENTAL SHAPES. #shapelesson3a, RHOMBUS. #shapelesson3b, QUADRILATERALS. etc.  
SOUND IN ART - CHLADNI. #shapelessonA

Or, go to: 


Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Here are a few ideas I found you might want to use for your October celebration. The following can also be found at my MeWe diy page posted in October, titled, "DIY & Arts 'N' Crafts FUN!"


BUTTERFLY TUTORIAL FACE PAINTING. Highlights: Outline the butterfly in blue. Blend another shade of blue. Note: or choose colors that match the clothing your face canvas is wearing. Add purple. Add dry glitter to wet face paint. Add florescent lipstick.

 USE CHAMPAGNE PLASTIC GLASSES. Fill with candy, topped with a cupcake. Add a decorative placemat under each for your party guests table settings or cluster several in the center as a table centerpiece.

Find more creative masks here.

Happy Hosting at Your FESTIVITY, This Season. BTW, when I was a child (60s-70s), Halloween was safe! I could roam my entire city with friends Halloween night trick or treating without incident. It wasn't until cults and sadistic people began dosing candies and harming kids with blades in candied apples when Halloween took a really bad turn in America. Many people in the South no longer celebrate traditional Halloween, but have found creative replacement sites for kids to still enjoy an October FESTIVITY without gory costumes or exposure to the dangers of receiving  candy from residential strangers. Special Halloween events have popped up in malls, clubs, churches, neighborhood centers, & recreation centers for kids to visit during Halloween; some allow Trick or Treating. Halloween use to be about homemade costumes and kids walking their neighborhood to get candy treats. By DPEARCE © 2019.

Per "HALLOWEEN HAS CHANGED...", "Significant shifts in the holiday can be dated to the... '80s, when there were widely publicized scares about razor blades in apples and doctored treats. Our message to youngsters was no longer that the neighborhood is safe to roam about in.
To protect children, parents joined their youngsters walking the streets, and soon they joined in dressing up themselves. Appropriate-sized costumes for them appeared and are purchased at a variety of places, including shops dedicated solely to Halloween costumes."

Sunday, September 29, 2019


This Summary by DPearce © Sept 29, 2019. (The attached video lecture really gets interesting midway til the end). Overview: It was thought at one time that deherding lands would prevent desertation, but has proven to be the opposite. Also, grasslands are now purported as the way to store carbon likened as rainforests. Grazing herds on grasslands are the gist of the video's message, as a natural means in upgrading drylands & containing carbon. Current methods involve setting fires to crops, which release excess carbon and are contributing to global warming; furthermore, the soils are being overworked and more dry grasslands are appearing when herds were removed.

A timelapsed demonstration shows before/after clips how moving grazing cattle & goat herds were strategically placed on dry zones needing revitalization. The lecturer explains how natural compost is being generated. Supposedly, a crucial natural method vs typical methods of field fires set after harvest each year.

 Note, outside sources in opposition say there should be less herds, while promoting to eat less red meats, due to herd methane releases their contribution on global warming.

Listed below is the particulars on just how much damage cattle methane impacts the environment and why deherding was previously suggested (as well as, in err, as a way thought to  prevent drylands or overgrazing).
TimeForChange.org Are cows the cause of global warming?
"A cow does on overage release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per year. Methane is a greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide (CO2). But the negative effect on the climate of Methane is 23 times higher than the effect of CO2." 

But, I must mention there is research & biotech experiments conducted for engineering - breeding herds for the purpose of minimized methane releases to reduce cattle's mark on global warming. Potential for reduced methane from cows "ScienceDaily
Jul 8, 2019 · Summary: Scientists have shown it is possible to **breed cattle to reduce their methane emissions**. ... A single cow on average produces between 70 and 120 kg of methane per year and, worldwide, there are about 1.5 billion cattle."

Feeding cattle additive digesters is one way that some cattle farms are handling cattle methane emissions.

I found other videos online also about using moving, grazing herds for desertation. It WAS a surprising learn!

Friday, September 6, 2019



At this educational YT video, by BLUE GLOBE CHANNEL, learn what energizes typhoons & super typhoons (e.g. warm oceans & wind stalls) and explains why cyclones, typhoons, & hurricanes (same type storms, labelled differently by region) spiral around, caused by Earth's movement on its axis.
Per James P. Kossin, NOAA Hurricane Expert & Co-author of a June 2018 study, titled,
"A global slow-down of tropical-cyclone translation speed"
"global warming makes the global atmospheric circulation slow down." 

 From a Separate Sept. 2019 Article 

Why Are Hurricanes Like Dorian Stalling, and Is Global Warming Involved?

we can understand how STALLED STORMS are tied to global warming, by studying different mechanisms in the tropics and mid-latitudes. Per James P. Kossin, NOAA Hurricane Expert & Co-author of the June 2018 study, "global warming makes the global atmospheric circulation slow down," Kossin explained how some scientists are in agreement that "the overall slowing of winds is at least partly due to rapid warming of the Arctic."  The temperature differences in the Arctic and the equator fuel winds. As the Arctic warms faster than lower latitudes, the contrast in temperatures decreases, but so are wind speeds.

Kossin continues, "Tropical translation speed has decreased globally by 10 per cent over the period 1949–2016... the increase in tropical cyclones stalling is a global trend" with magnitudal variations by region considered consistent with "expected changes in atmospheric circulation forced by anthropogenic emissions."


Basically, studies reveal jet stream changes, wind stalls being associated with the Arctic & Equator's contrasting temps, humans equated with global warming effecting the Artic meltdown,... all of which are fueling super storms in our seas.

(chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity)

Anthropogenic Factors of the Environment. changes which influence the organic world and are introduced into nature by human activity. In reworking nature and adapting it to their own needs, people influence the lives of animals and plants by altering their habitats.

https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com › ...
(Learn also at this video about the deadly typhoon that hit Asia 2013, with 7500 fatalities).

These highlights provided by DPearce © 2019.

This blog post is a variation from a post by DPearce at:


Friday, August 30, 2019

CURB Appetite, GROW Nails, GET Regular, FEEL Full

Eat This Simple Meal & Curb Appetite, Feel Fuller Faster, Grow Nails, & Gain Better Regularity. Do you want to curb your appetite? Trying to cut back on your bread intake? Want to feel full after a few bites?

This meal has proven to do that for me this week, plus why my nails are growing!
A sweet potato, broccoli, & John Soule's Chicken Grilled Strips (precooked).
So easy. Microwave in 2 mins. (but precook sweet potatoes microwaved 6 mins).  

I love how this simple meal is signalling to my brain I am full, just after a few bites of this meal. Please realize that when you are eating alot of processed & junk foods, the chemicals, additives, perservatives, etc. in those foods are confusing our brain signals, per something I read last month. Sorry, did not note the site link. But, I must agree. When I have eaten other meals with lots of processed stuff & junk foods, I would never feel full; so kept eating, and it was like my brain was not receiving any signal that I was full. I was eating for flavor and to try to feel full! Some processed foods are addictive as they have enhanced flavors, heightening cravings for more.

 Now, I seek meals that are more natural so my body gets the messages it was meant to! I guess the goal going forward for me is to keep finding more of this type food combo and reduce processed/junk foods. But even though my simple meal did have a precooked meat, processed; the balance of broccoli & sweet potatoes (from the produce dept) was the right combo to offset it. More balanced meals.

Originally posted on MeWe in a Food Event and at: **DAWN'S FITNESS PAGE**
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Sunday, August 4, 2019

When Your Dog is Bored

When my family formerly bred dogs, one thing that kept the pets happy WAS giving them their own large bone. **IMPORTANT:**  
◽Try to feed each dog their bone in a special spot just for them and consistently there, but especially important when you have multiple dogs, which helps deter fights over bones. Special places to chew for each dog also makes it easy checking whether the used bones needs to be tossed later if the chewed and gnawed-down bones become a swallowable-size
◽Once chewed bones become small, toss them. Don't leave any bone fragments that are small enough to swallow.  
◽Check reviews online to ensure the products you choose for pets are safe.
◽  Keep shoes off the floor when you have multiple dogs. Chewbones are helpful to distract your dog from chewing on furniture, shoes, kid toys. Use a water spray bottle and spray cats or dogs getting into mischief, e.g. as when chewing on household items, etc. 
by DPearce © 2019
Also, shared at: PETS - RAISING Animals, https://mewe.com/p/pets-raisinganimals

Visit the following site for suggested chewbones, $, site links

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What Will 2029 Be Like?

  • Technological Advances By 2029 Highlights •Robots n Jobs •Nasa Colonizing Mars •Nasa Striking an Asteroid •Tesla & More Electric Cars •Crytocurrency Will Be Adopted by Govts •Virtual &
  • Augmented Realities Will Increase •Headphones Will Go Obsolete When 3D & Multiple Sensory Internet Interactions Become Dominate •3D Printers in Homes, Printing Your Own Meals •Nuclear Fussion• 
  • https://youtu.be/-hg8MIxebYc

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Space Links

Want More Space News?

Visit the following space links for space articles, astronomy terms, astronomy calendar events, space weather alerts, aurora calendar, etc.

provides articles, videos, art regarding new theories & facts about SPACE, LIGHT, TIME, BLACK HOLES, COSMOLOGY, ASTRONOMY. Occasional space music & art posts. A MeWe Page.

for GPS, electric grids, aviation, satellites, radio, etc.

Source of all of NASA’s information concerning Mars. A great starting place for Mars research.

A site dedicated the exploration and settlement of the red planet.

Art by DPEARCE © 2018-2019.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Sleeping in Excess

When stress is in excess in the body, you might find yourself sleeping more. Good news. The body repairs itself while you sleep.

Trauma, disappointments, responsibility, & stress can take its toll on the body and mind.

Sleep can help reset our thoughts, clear the mind as we wake up to a new day.

When we sleep too much, though, it confuses our body's routine. It also confuses our friends and family and causes them to wonder what is bothering us.

Too much sleep is an indicator of depression. When your body gives you these warnings, and you feel sad or depressed for long periods, it means it is time to address the issue. Write down your feelings. Sometimes, ppl don't realize why they are upset. Writing it down puts it in perspective. Start eating foods that raise serotonin, e.g.  honey, dark chocolate, green & herbal teas, etc. See article link below for foods that increase serotonin. top-7-foods-that-boost-serotonin
DPearce © 2019.

**Green Tea**​

While **green tea does** not contain**serotonin** or tryptophan, it **does boost serotonin** levels. That's because it contains l-theanine, an amino acid which can cross the brain-blood barrier and **increase** levels of neurotransmitters, including **serotonin** and dopamine.Aug 24, 2017 

On the extreme side, DEPRIVED SLEEP can increase APPETITE & promote WEIGHT GAIN because poor sleeping habits effects blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19537678
This article was also posted at: CALM - NATURAL ANXIETY RELIEF

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Space Theories

Dark Flow Theory is suggestive of a parallel universe &/or multiverse. Dark Flow suggests some galaxy clusters are moving (towards or away from our solar system) in amazing speeds but out of sync with the rest of the universe (per my understanding). But, we already know, aside from this article, that it is known now that it isn't galaxies moving in space in the fast expanse, but the fabric of space is the actual expander effecting gravitationally-bound objects...per this link:  
The Fabric of Space is Moving

Info Gathered From an article at Resonance Science Foundation:

Dark Flow – Large-scale Cosmic Structure and Evidence of the Multiverse


Highlights by DPearce © 2019.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Future Human Evolution

#BIOROBO • Future humans may have longer fingers; larger eyes; merging toes &/or one large toe merged w/the foot (already humans are showing joint toes due in part as humans no longer use toes to hang from trees as their ancestor primates); humans are already less muscular; humans are more given to illness now due to pathogens & compromised immunity systems because humans are too reliant on meds/antibiotics - compared to previous periods; humans are projected to be 1 race within 10,000 yrs due to globalization & mixed racial relationships; more ppl have blue eyes which is noted predominantly heightened in the industrial age; etc.

Highlights by DPearce © 2019.
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Sunday, June 16, 2019

When Competition is a Cat!

Jealousies. When someone is jealous of you, maybe they feel you are equal, above, or a step closer to their own status in an area of achievement. Perhaps, you are doing things or living a life they want. Jealousy could creep up when one feels ignored, while a friend or family member gains attention.

When people build their self-esteem with inner lists of accomplishments, they may not be ready to hand over their crown.

Survival instincts and ego kick in with desire to stay at the top of their game. This primal instinct can lead to aggressive  competitive behavior when feeling threatened or fearing being out bested.

Maybe they forget that there will always be someone to come along who is greater or lesser in abilities than ourselves.

Jealousy doesn't have to be ugly. It is how one responds to that emotion when feeling threatened by another, that determines whether jealousy & their insecurities leads them to their dark side.

Jealousy really is an emotion we can all learn from and learn about ourselves and others in deeper & meaningful ways. We will have to develop more empathy, though.

Will you move over gracefully when someone with higher skills steps in, to allow them to have the spotlight for awhile? You must ask yourself how important is it really to be centerstage or tops at what you do? *How will this effect my future? Will it effect my job & income or just hurt my pride if I give another more room to outshine myself?*

*Will jealousy of a rival motivate me to be more self-competive & better my skills?*

Will you be disrespectful to someone just because they happened to be as good as you or a tad better at a skill?

Here is another question...
And how do you handle a bullying, jealous MeWe (or other social media) user?

I recommend blocking them... *& don't let it ruin your day. I did encounter one user that had similar abilities as I who always seemed to want to correct me, out best me, and who would invite me to her groups; but immediately removed my first posts in her groups. At first, when we met and she was in a few of my groups, it appeared as if she wanted to impress me. Shortly, after, though, the cattiness began.  So, I left her groups and blocked her. I had tried chats to see if that would help. Sometimes, helping to build up another's esteem, letting them shine can help them.

But, I don't think snide tactics over and over should be apart of a healthy relationship online. How do you handle jealousy?

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Art & Music Videos

 Check out these 20 tracks!
 Listen to 20 Tracks & The BEST of DAWMAIN 2015-2017 by DPearce-DAWMAIN #np on #SoundCloud
Listen to the album now!

**Or visit SoundCloud and type keyword "DAWMAIN".**

Friday, June 7, 2019

Why Are Black Water Balls in a Resevoir?

#ENVIRO • BROMIDE, BR, naturally occurs in salt water, but is being regulated not to exceed guidelines. At a problematic resevoir, an experiment solved bromide high levels, as well as, lessened the use of chloride due to adding millions of black balls (filled with water) into the resevoir. The special balls shield the water from sunlight which also resolved algae growth. The resevoir now experiences minimized evaporation, another effective result of using the black balls. The water stays cooler, as well, using the black balls.  YT highlights by DPearce © 2019.

For more environmental news, visit my MeWe Page,
ENVIRO-haz + ECO-haz + CLIM-haz.

Visit HERE for more news articles.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Nature is Our Friend

#CALM • Per the World Economic Forum, nature is calming. Benefits: reduces depression, provides fresh oxygen to Earth, provides Vitamin D known as a mood alterer.  Nature also provides electrons for cellular health, as well as, absorbs toxic carbon dioxide expelled by humans and creatures.

Green environments are interesting, calming, and zones away from hectic lifestyles.

 A place where mother nature nurtures our souls back to serenity,  surrounded with sounds of bird songs and creature life.

 Post by DPEARCE © 2019
Photos by DPearce © 2017-2019

Posted at the MeWe Page,
which is dedicated to providing natural, accessible ways to relax.


The article that inspired this post is at the following link:

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Visit: ARTSMARTZ 411 (THE PAGE)  for art news, art, photography, sculptures, THE ARTS, artisans, art terminology, tutorials, art residencies, POD & art services, sites for artists & photographers, and more!

Our MeWe Group, ARTSMARTZ 411, is a place you can join, add your art, photos, and post about THE ARTS, PHOTOGRAPHY, Art Studies, Art Service Providers, Art News, Art Terms, and All Things Art For the Art Student at Heart &o subject matter e.g.  Sculptures, Assemblages, Arts & Culture, Performing Art, Acting, Writing, Mixed Media, etc.

While we also post art/photos in the group, visit the MeWe Page for consistent educational posts on THE ARTS.

We Began 10-31-18, and Migrated Off G+ from ART & THE STUDY OF ART, when Google closed down the consumer side of G+.