Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hubble 2019 Results


by DPearce © Nov. 26, 2019.  


Hubble is still going strong 30 years on & expected to continue through 2030s.
HIGHLIGHTS (Nov 2019 Video)

Hubble Records:

  1. An asteroid (2876 Gault) in the asteroid belt appearing as a comet w/tail. Actually, the sun's radiation is thought to be the force pushing the asteroid to speed up in orbit, due to an effect in space that, theoretically, occurs in certain conditions involving irregular space objects.
  2. JUPITER's mass effected one asteroid & part of why the asteroid impacted the planet. View the video for more details.
  3. Read more about Jupiter's Mass at this great article. (Universe Today). excerpts: "It would take 318 times Earth’s mass to equal Jupiter’s. Jupiter is 2.5 times more massive than all of the other planets in our Solar System combined. Jupiter is actually so massive that if it gained much more mass it would shrink."
  4. Hubble revealed what looked like a comet but ended up being 2 colliding asteroids and as they broke apart from impact, a comet like tail of debris followed.
  5. NASA is using the reflected light off of our moon to view Venus better.

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