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 The Eye of the Storm.

 I woke up this morning (no kidding) with the words, "the eye of the storm" showing up in my brain. As I do have a WEATHER TOP WATCHER's MeWe Page, I am often researching global weather and natural disasters. So, I later, this morning, got online to see if there was any news re: the eye of the storm. It piqued my interest. 

 Believe it or not, WEATHER TOP WATCHERS and some other of my MeWe pages (which originated as G+ collections), also came to me in clarity of thought, imprinted strongly in my mind, when I had no such interest in them. Alot of my research has come this way, when I felt very compelled to create collections/pages that ended up being very interesting later, but not an interest at the time they were created. Well, boy, I am really glad I went with my intuitions, because I've learned so much by just following those inner messages.

Anyhow, the online search for "the eye of the storm" pulled up the following video. The entire search page was all about this music video!

 It was like, honestly, the only thing that would come up... but nothing about hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, nor tornadoes, nor about twisters, dirt devils, or the like! 

So, I checked out the video. Wow. What an unexpected message of hope about going through a storm in life. 

The storm always passes by, but did you know that inside the storm's eye, it is a very calm zone!?

*"The **eye** is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones. The **eye of a storm** is a roughly circular area, typically 30–65 kilometres (19–40 mi) in diameter. It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather and highest winds occur."* 
*Wikipedia › wiki › Eye_(cyclone)*

[**Eye (cyclone) - Wikipedia**][Eye _cyclone_ - Wikipedia] 

So, while the storm rages, such as problems we face; we must time out and find ways to calm ourselves. Some people find peace in their faith, like the musician on this video. But, we can find a number of ways to stay calm. As we are the pilots of our own bodies, fly high with endorphin-raising, feel good, buzz foods; or spend some quality time in nature drinking in more electrons that help restore our cells. Just looking at a nature photo can give us a sense of calm.

So, you find ways to activate your calm so you can get through the storms of life, that are inevitable.

It is called SELF-HELP. In that type of reading, we can get good tips on self-discipline, but also can get clues on what is happening in our minds and bodies. 

Learning to be calm in stressful situations takes practice. Sometimes, people just need to step into the doctor's office. If you have been stressed daily for months, stress hormones may be on overload. Your physician can help you with a fast calmer. But, if you are like alot of people, you may not want to be on a prescribed antidepressant or endorphin booster. There are online natural serotonin enhancers that some ppl find helpful. 

The important thing is to do something when you know you have lost your ability to stay calm. 

Sometimes, an environment change might be necessary or distancing from a toxic relationship. 

Find positive ways to restore you back to a happy place.

which is dedicated to providing natural, accessible ways to relax, change mood, pinpoint behaviors that may give clues, learn environmental & eatable causes that may be triggering mood changes. 

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