Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Here are a few ideas I found you might want to use for your October celebration. The following can also be found at my MeWe diy page posted in October, titled, "DIY & Arts 'N' Crafts FUN!"


BUTTERFLY TUTORIAL FACE PAINTING. Highlights: Outline the butterfly in blue. Blend another shade of blue. Note: or choose colors that match the clothing your face canvas is wearing. Add purple. Add dry glitter to wet face paint. Add florescent lipstick.

 USE CHAMPAGNE PLASTIC GLASSES. Fill with candy, topped with a cupcake. Add a decorative placemat under each for your party guests table settings or cluster several in the center as a table centerpiece.

Find more creative masks here.

Happy Hosting at Your FESTIVITY, This Season. BTW, when I was a child (60s-70s), Halloween was safe! I could roam my entire city with friends Halloween night trick or treating without incident. It wasn't until cults and sadistic people began dosing candies and harming kids with blades in candied apples when Halloween took a really bad turn in America. Many people in the South no longer celebrate traditional Halloween, but have found creative replacement sites for kids to still enjoy an October FESTIVITY without gory costumes or exposure to the dangers of receiving  candy from residential strangers. Special Halloween events have popped up in malls, clubs, churches, neighborhood centers, & recreation centers for kids to visit during Halloween; some allow Trick or Treating. Halloween use to be about homemade costumes and kids walking their neighborhood to get candy treats. By DPEARCE © 2019.

Per "HALLOWEEN HAS CHANGED...", "Significant shifts in the holiday can be dated to the... '80s, when there were widely publicized scares about razor blades in apples and doctored treats. Our message to youngsters was no longer that the neighborhood is safe to roam about in.
To protect children, parents joined their youngsters walking the streets, and soon they joined in dressing up themselves. Appropriate-sized costumes for them appeared and are purchased at a variety of places, including shops dedicated solely to Halloween costumes."

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