Sunday, August 4, 2019

When Your Dog is Bored

When my family formerly bred dogs, one thing that kept the pets happy WAS giving them their own large bone. **IMPORTANT:**  
◽Try to feed each dog their bone in a special spot just for them and consistently there, but especially important when you have multiple dogs, which helps deter fights over bones. Special places to chew for each dog also makes it easy checking whether the used bones needs to be tossed later if the chewed and gnawed-down bones become a swallowable-size
◽Once chewed bones become small, toss them. Don't leave any bone fragments that are small enough to swallow.  
◽Check reviews online to ensure the products you choose for pets are safe.
◽  Keep shoes off the floor when you have multiple dogs. Chewbones are helpful to distract your dog from chewing on furniture, shoes, kid toys. Use a water spray bottle and spray cats or dogs getting into mischief, e.g. as when chewing on household items, etc. 
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