Friday, August 30, 2019

CURB Appetite, GROW Nails, GET Regular, FEEL Full

Eat This Simple Meal & Curb Appetite, Feel Fuller Faster, Grow Nails, & Gain Better Regularity. Do you want to curb your appetite? Trying to cut back on your bread intake? Want to feel full after a few bites?

This meal has proven to do that for me this week, plus why my nails are growing!
A sweet potato, broccoli, & John Soule's Chicken Grilled Strips (precooked).
So easy. Microwave in 2 mins. (but precook sweet potatoes microwaved 6 mins).  

I love how this simple meal is signalling to my brain I am full, just after a few bites of this meal. Please realize that when you are eating alot of processed & junk foods, the chemicals, additives, perservatives, etc. in those foods are confusing our brain signals, per something I read last month. Sorry, did not note the site link. But, I must agree. When I have eaten other meals with lots of processed stuff & junk foods, I would never feel full; so kept eating, and it was like my brain was not receiving any signal that I was full. I was eating for flavor and to try to feel full! Some processed foods are addictive as they have enhanced flavors, heightening cravings for more.

 Now, I seek meals that are more natural so my body gets the messages it was meant to! I guess the goal going forward for me is to keep finding more of this type food combo and reduce processed/junk foods. But even though my simple meal did have a precooked meat, processed; the balance of broccoli & sweet potatoes (from the produce dept) was the right combo to offset it. More balanced meals.

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