Sunday, June 16, 2019

When Competition is a Cat!

Jealousies. When someone is jealous of you, maybe they feel you are equal, above, or a step closer to their own status in an area of achievement. Perhaps, you are doing things or living a life they want. Jealousy could creep up when one feels ignored, while a friend or family member gains attention.

When people build their self-esteem with inner lists of accomplishments, they may not be ready to hand over their crown.

Survival instincts and ego kick in with desire to stay at the top of their game. This primal instinct can lead to aggressive  competitive behavior when feeling threatened or fearing being out bested.

Maybe they forget that there will always be someone to come along who is greater or lesser in abilities than ourselves.

Jealousy doesn't have to be ugly. It is how one responds to that emotion when feeling threatened by another, that determines whether jealousy & their insecurities leads them to their dark side.

Jealousy really is an emotion we can all learn from and learn about ourselves and others in deeper & meaningful ways. We will have to develop more empathy, though.

Will you move over gracefully when someone with higher skills steps in, to allow them to have the spotlight for awhile? You must ask yourself how important is it really to be centerstage or tops at what you do? *How will this effect my future? Will it effect my job & income or just hurt my pride if I give another more room to outshine myself?*

*Will jealousy of a rival motivate me to be more self-competive & better my skills?*

Will you be disrespectful to someone just because they happened to be as good as you or a tad better at a skill?

Here is another question...
And how do you handle a bullying, jealous MeWe (or other social media) user?

I recommend blocking them... *& don't let it ruin your day. I did encounter one user that had similar abilities as I who always seemed to want to correct me, out best me, and who would invite me to her groups; but immediately removed my first posts in her groups. At first, when we met and she was in a few of my groups, it appeared as if she wanted to impress me. Shortly, after, though, the cattiness began.  So, I left her groups and blocked her. I had tried chats to see if that would help. Sometimes, helping to build up another's esteem, letting them shine can help them.

But, I don't think snide tactics over and over should be apart of a healthy relationship online. How do you handle jealousy?

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