Thursday, May 2, 2019

When You Have Noisy Neighbors

WAYS TO SOUNDPROOF YOUR APARTMENT. •I love spacious, contemporary settings, but I just learned that you need soft, dense furniture & heavy drapes to absorb sound; otherwise, sound, in open spaces, has more room to bounce off of hard walls (some walls also have metal grids in them).

Rugs can help reduce floor sounds, but add extra floor padding, to reduce heavy feet that can be noisier on some types of flooring.

Caulk windows.
Add shades and heavy drapery to minimize sounds from windows. In apartments, you may not have the option to double pane windows to help reduce the neighbors noise. So, you must get creative!

Noise can be a stressor and interrupt sleep. Some people are more sensitive to noise. Try adding headphones on, ear caps.

Staying in a room furtherest from a zone in the apartment bldg which conducts more noise can also help. Shut the door. Leave a fan on or music or tv on to create your own pleasant noise as a distraction from your neighbor's rukkus.

Perhaps, you may need to mention the noise problem to your neighbor, but communicate good-naturedly. A report to the complex is another alternative, if the matter doesn't change in a month or so after requesting the neighbor's cooperation. Documenting any threats and intimidation by a neighbor who refuses to be compliant with the complex lease noise terms or when in violation of local noise laws, might be a necessary option. Landlords can order a Notice to Cease in some states to demand compliance before other actions, e.g. Notice to Quit, Notice of Eviction, etc. But, if at all possible, try to work things out with your neighbor.


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