Thursday, May 2, 2019


Visit: ARTSMARTZ 411 (THE PAGE)  for art news, art, photography, sculptures, THE ARTS, artisans, art terminology, tutorials, art residencies, POD & art services, sites for artists & photographers, and more!

Our MeWe Group, ARTSMARTZ 411, is a place you can join, add your art, photos, and post about THE ARTS, PHOTOGRAPHY, Art Studies, Art Service Providers, Art News, Art Terms, and All Things Art For the Art Student at Heart &o subject matter e.g.  Sculptures, Assemblages, Arts & Culture, Performing Art, Acting, Writing, Mixed Media, etc.

While we also post art/photos in the group, visit the MeWe Page for consistent educational posts on THE ARTS.

We Began 10-31-18, and Migrated Off G+ from ART & THE STUDY OF ART, when Google closed down the consumer side of G+.

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